Why "A Time for Miracles"

Honestly I don't know... It is a Christmas episode, the time is right, it's a miracle Kensi's not dead (or thanks to Deeks, but let's not go there) and if you squint you can say it's a miracle Nell is still alive after her ride with Hetty... It was really hard finding a title for this episode, nothing popped up while watching the episode (like it happened for my other fanlists)..

NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 10 Season 2


The sole survivor of a deadly shootout is a former Navy Intelligence officer who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. As the team investigates, Kensi is able to connect on a personal level with the survivor which may help solve the case..

Episode Recap:

It's the holiday season in Los Angeles. Carolers are singing Christmas songs in a quiet neighborhood when gunshots are fired. A bloody figure shows up at the door and they find two men inside that have been shot to death. After discovering that the bloody man is actually a former Navy Intelligence agent, Hetty's team at NCIS:LA is called in to work on the case. Lance Talbot, the Navy Intelligence agent suffers from PTSD. NCIS:LA is tasked with figuring out who killed the men in Lance's home and finding out if there is a link between the murders and Lance's work in Afghanistan.

Lance's psychiatrist tells the team that PTSD is hampering Lance's life and Kensi empathises. She tells Lance that her ex-fiancé had also suffered from PTSD in the hopes that this would help Lance remember what happened during the night of the murders. She also brings him back to his home, the scene of the murder, to try and trigger a memory however Lance panics. He begins to go back and then admits to killing both of the men in an act of self defense. He did this after a drug dealer had shot the other man, Lance's nurse.

Kensi begins to get closer to Lance through this experience. However she is nearly killed when the Iranian Secret Police attempts to shoot Kensi in order to get to Lance. Sam and Callen are hard at work trying to learn more about Lance's past. They find an ex-wife that tells them that Lance is a pathological liar as well as a sociopath. Callen tells Kensi about this conversation and Lance catches on and attacks her. Lance attacks Kensi but she is saved by Deeks. Despite Deeks' gunshots, Lance gets away. The team chases him and they discover that Lance had faked his PTSD because he needed an alabi when he sold the intelligence he had working with the Navy over to the Iranian Secret Police. Lance's nurse had figured out his plan and used his friend, the drug dealer, to try and coerce Lance into giving them a cut of his profits. Kensi catches Lance and shoots him.

Back at the office, Hetty surprises her team with Christmas presents. They are shocked to see that Hetty had actually re-gifted them all with gifts they had given her in Christmases past.
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